Workshop "Applications in epithelial morphogenesis involving at pulsed UV laser"

Jörg Großhans, Institute for Developmental Biochemistry, Medical School, University

of Göttingen,, Tel: 0551-3914613 (office)


SPP Workshop


Applications in epithelial morphogenesis involving at

pulsed UV laser


We will introduce methods for manipulation of cells and tissues with a pulsed UV laser.

The set up consists of an inverted spinning disc microscope equipped with a 355 nm

laser. The UV laser and the imaging laser are controlled independently.

  • Ablation of junctions within an epithelial tissue. We will quantify the recoil velocity.
  • Wounding of epithelial tissue. We will record Ca2+ dynamics and area oscillations

of the adjacent cells.

  • Ca2+ uncaging. We will induce cell contractions in epithelial tissue by laser

induced release of Ca2+. We will quantify dynamics of cross sectional area.

  • Samples and applications of the participants. Please contact the organiser to

discuss potential experiments.


Number of participants: 3

Date: 14.–16. August, 2017

Deadline for application: 15. April, 2017.

Please send a brief letter of interest (one paragraph).


Costs for travel and accommodation will be covered by central funds of the SPP.

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