The inaugural meeting of SPP1782

Annual Meeting


Inaugural meeting of SPP 1782, 25.-27.10.2015


The inaugural meeting of SPP1782 will take place from Oct 25-27 at the Biotechnologisch-Biomedizinisches Zentrum, Deutscher Platz 5, 04103 Leipzig. Hotel – Intercity hotel Leipzig, Tröndlinring 2, 04105 Leipzig, fon: 0341 3086610.

The venue can be reached by Tram 16 (stop Deutsche Nationalbibliothek); there is also parking space in walking distance; walking distance from hotel ~30 min.

It is open to all SPP members and associated groups and aims to provide a starting point for intense collaborations and elucidation of common principles.


Final program


17h Welcome

17.15-18h Desmosomes as Signaling Scaffolds in Differentiation and Disease, Kathleen Green, PhD. Joseph L. Mayberry Prof., Feinberg School, Chicago

18-18.15 Discussion

18.30 onward, poster party and dinner buffet, PhD students and postdocs

In parallel, PI business meeting and dinner buffet (Agenda is attached)

Meeting of PhD students about their educational program, primed by Carien Niessen

Open end


9-11h talks

Carsten Grashoff, Martinsried

How cells sense tissue stiffness – novel biosensors to measure molecular forces in cells

Mechthild Hatzfeld, Halle/Saale

Characterization of plakophilins as desmosomal signalling hubs controlling intercellular adhesion and proliferation in the epidermis

Carien M. Niessen, Köln

Cadherins control the polarized organization of junctions, cytoskeleton and signaling receptors in stratifying epithelia

Thomas Magin, Leipzig

Mechanotransduction and signalling by the desmosome/keratin complex


11-11.30h coffee break

11.30-13h talks

Frauke Graeter, Heidelberg


Rudolf Merkel, Jülich

Probing tensed cell-celladhesions

Rudolf Leube, Aachen



13-14h lunch and discussion

14-16h talks

Pavel Strnad, Aachen

Consequences of desmosomal alterations in the intestinal epithelia

Nicolas Schlegel, Würzburg

Role of Dsg2-dependent adhesion and signalling for intestinal barrier integrity in health and disease

Anne Classen, München

Cell biology and cell mechanics of columnar-cuboidal-squamous cell shape transitions 

Klaus Ebnet, Münster

Role of JAM Family Adhesion Molecules in Epithelial Cell Extrusion


16-16.30 coffee break

16.30-18h talks

Christian Dahmann, Dresden

Mechanical tension and cytoskeletal organization in cell separation at compartment boundaries in Drosophila

Elisabeth Knust, Dresden

Integration of cell polarity, cell adhesion and actomyosin dynamics during dorsal closure in Drosophila 

Maja Matis, Münster

Microtubule mechanics in epithelial cells and tissues


18.30 onward, poster party and dinner buffet

Open end



9-10.30 talks

Virginie Lecaudey, Frankfurt


Andreas Janshoff, Göttingen

Cell mechanics of epithelial cells - the impact of next neighbors

Robert Grosse/Katharina Grikscheit

Formins at the junction: Characterization of formin activity at  cell-cell contacts and during epithelialization


10.30-11h coffee break




11-12.30h talks


Suzanne Eaton, Dresden


Sandra Iden, Köln

Coupling intercellular adhesion and cell polarity signaling at epidermal junctions,

Stephan Grill, Dresden

Integration of cell polarity, cell adhesion and actomyosin dynamics during dorsal closure in Drosophila 


12.30-13.30 discussion and lunch buffet

13.30-14.30 PI business meeting (ad hoc feedback, decisions on PhD education issues, next meeting, sponsors, interactions)

15h Departure







Location: Biotechnologisch-Biomedizinisches Zentrum

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