Past Events

Monday, 2019-11-18
Thursday, 2019-03-07
Monday, 2018-08-13

Workshop SPP 2018

Applications in epithelial morphogenesis involving at pulsed UV laser

We will introduce methods for manipulation of cells and tissues with a pulsed UV laser.
The set up consists of an inverted spinning disc microscope equipped with a 355 nm
laser. The UV laser and the imaging laser are controlled independently.

Wednesday, 2018-07-04

SPP Meeting in Halle/Saale

Thursday, 2018-06-21

Time: 2018-06-21 at 05:00 pm

Prof. Cristina Has, Moleclar Dermatology, Univ Freiburg: Genetic heterogeneity of Epidermolysis bullosa simplex

Venue: SIKT/Institute of Biology, Div. of Cell and Developmental Biology, seminar room ground floor, Phillip-Rosenthal-Str. 55, 04103 Leipzig

Wednesday, 2018-03-21

Retreat in Würzburg

Time: 21-22 of March

Thursday, 2017-12-07

Announcement of second funding period

Information für die Wissenschaft Nr. 84 | 4. Dezember 2017


Thursday, 2017-10-12

The annual Retreat will take place on October 12-13 on the campus of the university of Aachen.

Monday, 2017-08-14

Applications in epithelial morphogenesis involving at pulsed UV laser

Jörg Großhans, Institute for Developmental Biochemistry, Medical School, University

of Göttingen,, Tel: 0551-3914613 (office)


Thursday, 2017-07-06

Dr. Sara Wickström

MPI for Biology of Ageing

Titel: Mechanisms and mechanics of epidermal stem cell regulation

Thursday, 2017-06-15

Target group: Early career researchers, Advanced PhD students and young post docs

Will takes place on the 15./16.6.2017
Place: Halle/Saale
Application: please apply to Mechthild Hatzfeld by May 31st, 2016
Accommodation: inquiries to Mechthild Hatzfeld

Wednesday, 2017-05-31


 DFG-SPP1782 Workshop

Basic introduction to proteomics“, Cologne


Aim: This workshop in the frame of SPP1782 will provide an overview on the strengths and pitfalls of proteomic analyses in cell biology, and will outline some typical application examples. It is tailored for beginners in this area, thus those who wonder if a proteomic approach may help them in their current SPP1782 project. A combination of lectures and hands-on training on data analysis is planned.

Date: 31.5.2017 starting noon - 1.6.2017 ~1pm

Venue: University of Cologne, CECAD Research Center, Joseph-Stelzmann-Str. 26, 50931 Cologne

Tuesday, 2017-05-16

Analyzing FRET-based molecular tension sensors

Target Group: All SPP1782 members or associates interested in FRET-based tension sensors.

Date: 16.05.2017, 1 pm to 18.05.2017, 1 pm

Venue: Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry

Group of Molecular Mechanotransduction

Am Klopferspitz 18

D-82152 Martinsried

Participant Number: 6

Organizers: C. Grashoff, A.-L. Cost

Application deadline: 01.05.2017 by e-mail to (including 2-3 sentences of motivation)

Monday, 2017-03-27

PhD student retreat meeting in Würzburg


Sunday, 2016-11-13

Upcoming Imaging-Workshop 11/28-30 2016

Monday, 2015-10-12